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Infusionsoft Lesson: Event Registration When One Pays & Another Attends

We often run into the requirement, particularly with our clients that use in-person events as part of the marketing themselves. It comes up when one person is attending, but another person pays. This is very common when its the business paying with a corporate credit card or PayPal account to have an employee attend.

In this Infusionsoft lesson, we review a simple approach for addressing this. This approach is good in that it's simple. We don't claim it addresses every case, but it certainly addresses the case where it is a single person attending.

Addressing more advanced requirements typically requires getting into the Infusionsoft API. This is clearly not out of the box Infusionsoft function. If you do need to address issues like this, please give us a call. We'd be happy to work with you on a comprehensive solution.

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