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Took the Plunged and Learned a Lot More Than I Expected

A few weeks back, I announced that Gabby, my daughter, and I were scheduled for a skydiving jump today.  Well today is here and we did it.  Yeah!! Yahoo!!

What a rush.  What an experience.  You have to do this.

In my previous post about this, I spoke about fear.  Fear can be such a deterrent.  It can control us and keep us from reaching our full God given potential.  Sure it keeps us safe, but honestly, in this modern age where getting killed by wild animals is highly unlikely, fear is something to be overcome.

I can tell you I was NOT iron nerves today.  I was excited and nervous and who knows what else.   Do you know what helped?  It was this team of skydiving instructors.  The two guys that went up with Gabby and me were scheduled for seven jumps.

I can just see it. "Honey.  How did your day go?"  "It went pretty good.  Seven jumps, nice customers, good tips!!"

Can you imagine that compared to my dull behind the desk job?

They took the whole thing so casually and genuinely enjoyed what they were doing.  Take a look at the video and you can see them (and us) in action.

On the way up, Denny asks me what I do for fun.  "I run marathons."  His reaction was classic.

"That sounds tough," he says. So here he's impressed with my running marathons and thinks nothing of jumping out of planes sevens times today.

Just like the rest of us he probably gets those call, "Honey, can you pick up some bread and milk on the way home from the airport." No different from the rest of us. Go figure.

We all live our day-to-day live and just do what we do.  Think about what you do as remarkable, but just not to us. We take it for granted. Challenge yourself to do something way outside your comfort zone and see what it teaches you.

Jump out of a plane if you like. I did and I'm feeling good about it.

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