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Infusionsoft Automation! What’s the Big Deal?

Because I've been working the Internet so long, I get approached all the time by people needing website help.  Those conversation ALWAYS include me telling them about Infusionsoft especially since I can track over 60% of my business back to my Infusionsoft campaigns. I've seen it deliver huge results for my clients as well.

My conversations with clients unfamiliar with Infusionsoft typically include a comment like, "So it's a lot like Constant Contact, right?"  When I tell them about Infusionsoft's CRM features, I'll get, "Oh, so it's like, right?"

The question, "What's the big deal about Infusionsoft?" isn't always the easiest to explain which is why I've included this video by Scott Martineau in this week's article. Martineau is an Infusionsoft big dog who does a super job of explaining the sales lifecycle issues you typically encounter before Infusionsoft and how Infusionsoft can be used to address them.

It will take you less than eleven and a half minutes to go over this video and my promise is it will be well worth it.

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