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Keap Developer Tells You How to Use Email Marketing Like a Pro – Part 1

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I'm a Keap developer. I've been using Keap since 2010 back when it was called Infusionsoft. A lot of people ask me, “How do I get people signed up to take my online course?” Much to their surprise I tell them, "Use email." Yep. I recommend promoting your learning programs using plain ol' email.

I've heard the complaints just like everyone else has. "I hate email. It's junk in my inbox." It sure is, but people open them, read them and respond. You cannot deny it. IT WORKS.

Let me get you some advice for email marketing like a pro so you can:

  • Build yourself an engaged list of potential customers,
  • write yourself content that catches people's attention, and
  • review what happens and adjust to get a good ROI for your efforts.

Keap Developer Advice #1: Build Yourself a Good Email List

As a Keap developer, my top priority is collecting names and email addresses for people with some sort of interest in what I do. You want to consider these kinds of lists for your marketing campaigns:

  • opt-in lists,
  • customer lists, and
  • segmented lists.

You build an opt-in lists by offering people something of value in exchange for their email address. "Here's a copy of this great article, video or e-book," is what you tell them. Customer lists are created by importing your existing list of customer data. These are people that are already doing business with you. Segmented lists are created by dividing your email list into smaller, more targeted groups based on specific criteria. These can be divided up by demographics, interests, behavior, or other criteria.

To grow your email list, offer them something your perfect prospect wants badly. You can promote your something on your website and social media profile. If you are running a physical operation with a storefront, get people's email address there too. I recommend you bake this into your business systems so you ALWAYS ask, frequently get and continue to ask and ask and ask.

Here are some free items you might consider as your giveaway:

  • Exclusive discounts or promotions: Offer a special discount code or limited-time promotion for signing up to your email list.
  • Free resources or guides: This can be anything from a free e-book or PDF guide to a how-to video or tutorial.
  • Contests or giveaways: Hold a contest or giveaway and require participants to provide their contact information to enter.
  • Free trials or consultations: Offer a free trial or consultation of your product or service in exchange for contact information.
  • Webinars or workshops: Host a free webinar or workshop and require participants to provide their email address to register.
  • Checklists or templates: Provide a downloadable checklist or template that helps solve a common problem or simplify a task related to your industry.
  • Free samples or demos: Offer a free sample or demo of your product or service to encourage potential customers to try it out.
  • Interactive tools or calculators: Create an interactive tool like a ROI calculator, website grader, social media audit tool, in exchange for their contact info.
  • Newsletter subscription: Offer a regular newsletter that provides valuable information, industry insights, and exclusive updates to your subscribers.
  • Free shipping or delivery: Offer free shipping or delivery for a limited time to encourage potential customers to make a purchase.

You want to be thinking pain points. What is it that keeps your perfect prospect up at night and get them something that starts them down the path away from their pain and toward a better future. Make sure you address a specific pain point and be really clear about the benefits they get for signing up. By offering something of value, you attract potential customers, build trust and credibility and start someone down the path to long-term business relationships.

Keap Developer Advice #2: Get Yourself a Good Email Marketing Platform

You want to have a good solution for sending email messages out to your target audience. I make no secrets about it. I'm a Keap Certified Consultant. I"ve been using Keap since 2010 and that led to us becoming one of the top Memberium Certified Implementation Partners and (Warning: Shameless self-promotion up ahead.) the builders of what I think are the best membership and online course websites available.

There are other email marketing platforms you can consider like ActiveCampaign,  Mailchimp, Constant Contact, , aWeber and Campaign Monitor.

When selecting the right platform for you, investigate features such as email templates, automation workflows, segmentation tools, and analytics. Pricing considerations vary and so do the exact features offered. Make sure you are getting one that provided you with the features you are going to need.

This article’s running long. You can visit part 2 of this article where I give an additional seven pieces of advice on using email marketing like a pro.