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Keap Expert on Configuring a Referral Partner Program

I'm a Keap expert who purchased my Keap account in 2010. Back then it was called Infusionsoft. The Keap referral partner features, also referred to as their affiliate feature, have been a part of the platform since before I started using the platform. Back then, Keap had a good number of high-end online marketers using the platform that demanded this. Their referral partner feature allows for 3 level affiliates. The interface has been in place in a form similar to what it is now for the 13 years I've been using the product.

Configuring it requires you follow a series of steps. They aren't obvious at first, but once you understand the steps, it's fairly straightforward. Here's my Keap expert step-by-step in a 3 parts video series divided up as follows:

  • Part 1 - Reviewing the customer requirements
  • Part 2 - Configuring the referral partner commission program and referral links
  • Part 3 - Setting up a referral partner

The platform enables you to track a referral partners link stats, their total sales and commissions owed to each one. It provides a good set of reports for that. It also provides a referral partner portal which I find is difficult to use by the typical first time referral partner. The interface needs some updating.

As a Keap expert who has worked with a good number of customers on their referral partner programs, I recommend you start simple. Provide you referral partners with one link and a sample email message and/or social media post they can use to promote your program. Communicate to your partners that sales are calculated on a monthly basis. Send them reports with sales commission information the first week of the month for their review. Make your payouts by the middle to end of the following month.

This gives your referral partners time to review the commission numbers before you make commission payments.

Let me know what you think.