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As a Memberium Guru team with years of experience building membership and online course sites for small business owners, let me explain the role Memberium can play to enhance your solution. Memberium is built as a Wordpress plugin. It’s main function is to provide tight integration between Wordpress and your CRM.  The platforms supported today are Keap or ActiveCampaign. With a well-built Memberium guru solution, you can make use of CRM and automation features to improve the customer experience and simplify the management of the site.

Tools like BuddyBoss, LearnDash, LifterLMS and other tools provide excellent features for adding community, social media features and learning management system (LMS) features to your site. The Memberium guru team considers these tools best in breed for that. We work with these in many of our customer project.

However, they are limited in their ability to automate many of the common steps required when you are building your site. You could make use of a Wordpress based membership tools. You can add an emailing component to assist with member communication. Before you get very far along you’ll notice that there is a lot of complexity you are adding because Wordpress by itself is NOT ideal for delivering high end CRM and automation features.

Enter Memberium and this guru will tell you it becomes easy to make use of the CRM and automation feature inherent in Keap and ActiveCampaign for a good number of tasks you typically need.  Better yet, you can build these in such a way that managing the site as the owner very straightforward.

Our team’s Memberium guru expertise extends beyond what's needed to build a simple membership or online course site (and we happily build a lot of simple sites). We have guru knowledge of the best practices working with relevant topics related to building these Memberium powered sites. Those are:

online marketing, 

marketing and operational automation,

accepting payments (i.e., recurring subscriptions, merchant account selection using Stripe, PayPal and non-US currencies), 

hierarchical or multi-level course access,

group membership features so you can sell programs to organizations with the right administrative features to manage it,

course progress reporting which is key when working with larger organizations using your programs.

Memberium / Keap / ActiveCampaign Implementation Services

Before our team acquired Memberium guru skills, we have strong Keap and ActiveCampaign skills. That’s key when wanting to make the best use of Memberium to build your site. Understanding the strengths and feature provided by Keap and ActiveCampaign are key. 

At Larry Jacob Internet Marketing (please note the company name), we do marketing. We've developed guru knowledge understand what works best when promoting your solution. This includes how best to promote your membership site offerings.

Our team has been building sites for years. We’ve used industry best practices like those from these experts month in and month out. We’ve established our own best practices which refine what we’ve learned from others to maximize the effectiveness of the membership sites we build.

Because we combine our experience building so many membership site, we integrate these membership sites with the very latest in online marketing automation features.  We are constantly learning by attending conferences and using a massive amount of online and in-person training. We've got a serious knack for building membership site and making sure they work and get the results businesses need.

We live and breathe the marketing of the membership solutions so you can be assured you’re getting the best marketing advice available in our industry.

WordPress Website Design and Development

Of course, building the Memberium guru solutions that are team has become famous for building means you have to know WordPress extremely well. At its very core, a Memberium membership site is a WordPress website. It’s built as WordPress website as your public facing platform.

The Larry Jacob Internet Marketing guru team has been building websites as far back as 1996. That’s over 20 years when the Internet was just beginning. That’s when Jorge, our president and founder, began working the Internet.

Website development is a creative and technical discipline that requires a combination of a lot of different skills to deliver the final results. Since 2009, Jorge has been using WordPress as it was emerging as a potential website building platform. 

Our team will put our multi-discipline expertise to get the site built and working for you.