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Memberium Membership Site Lesson: Reporting Tricks for Laser Focused Tracking

Memberium together with Infusionsoft have features for running action sets so you can track and record when members login and logout of a site.  This enables you to take action each time as members arrive and depart.  You would likely deal with active members differently from members that don't pay the site a visit in a while.

I've recorded a lesson where I cover an Infusionsoft reporting technique that's simple, but not really obvious. What you do is use  Infusionsoft notes and Infusionsoft notes/task reports to view and report on what has happened.  In the example we use in this lesson, we make use of the Memberium's built in feature to record the notes in the contacts record setting a markers we later use to build the reports we need.

Memberium is design to be tightly integrated with Infusionsoft. This reporting technique can be implemented by anyone with basic Infusionsoft knowledge and gets you good visibility into member activity. You can then use this information to adjust your site and content to meet the needs of your audience.