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Memberium Sample Site – Josh Nelson’s 7 Figure Agency

Transforming Small Business Thinking - Episode 89
Guest: Josh Nelson

Memberium membership sites often support coaching programs. A coach who may already be providing services in the same space creates a learning or coaching portal with support materials their members will use as part of the program.

In this video, Josh Nelson goes over his Seven Figure Agency membership site. It's a Memberium membership site our team and Larry Jacob Internet Marketing built, where he teaches agency owners and their teams how to take their businesses from where they are to 7 figures.

The site provides all the materials for the program so agencies can mimic what Josh and his team have done to market and build his Plumbing and HVAC SEO company. The Memberium site houses these materials and provides access to members based on their membership level, but the site does not live in a vacuum. The program includes group coaching and 1-on-1 calls depending on the membership level. It also has in-person events so members can meet with Josh, his team and other Seven Figure Agency members to help them build their businesses.

If you'd like more information on Josh's program, visit

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