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Memberium Site KPIs: Which Metrics Matter Most

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 62
Guest: Oli Billson

The success of any membership site, be it an Infusionsoft Memberium based or not, initially depends on acquiring new members. You better bring in new members or you have nothing. As your program grows, retaining members becomes much more important. Reducing your churn and converting members into higher paying and more profitable programs becomes key. The goal is to create a thriving membership that grows and is sustainable over the long haul.

In this episode, Jorge interviews Oli Billson. He's a real numbers and systems guys. As you will see, he's very technical and big into the numbers reviewing them them in great details. These are metrics or KPIs anyone running a membership site should report on and watch carefully in order to closely monitor what's happening and make the best decisions for growing their business.

This interview is longer than usual due to the amount of information Oli covers in his six step process. So I've divided the interview into two episodes. This one includes part 1. Enjoy.

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