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Memberium Mistake: Do the Market Research…Or Else

This isn't just a Memberium mistake to make. It can happen if you're using AccessAlly, MemberPress, Thinktific, Teachable and even if you decide to put your online course on Udemy.

Who does this happen to?

I work with a lot of business owners who deliver great services.  They are exceptional at it. You can confirm that by the number of customers they have that readily refer them to the people know.   They tend to be speakers, coaches, or consultants with a talent or skills that is in high demand.

The problem is there business model.

Their business only works when they are actively working it and highly engaged.  If they take time off, get sick, of just want to take it easy the business comes to a halt.  Because they are the one delivering the service one-on-one, they are capped on what they can make.  There are only so many hours in the day.  They run out of hours and they've hit the maximum amount of income they can make.

Many of these business owners understand the value of membership sites. They know they can use a membership site to offer what they do in an online class or online coaching format.  They buy into the idea that it provides them an opportunity for recurring revenue. It's an option for reducing their business' dependency on them starting and new revenue stream.

The problem now is how do you go about building a membership program, online course and all the technology that goes with it. That can be daunting and overwhelming next step.

My recommendation is to start with the market research. Get with potential customers, people who are already your avid followers, and ask them what they want. Don't go with your gut. Ask them and follow that up with the question, "How much would you pay for that?" You'd be surprised that people will point blank tell you what they would pay.

I've built my coaching program called "Breakthrough Course Building System." to get business owners through this process.  Visit to get the details.

This isn't as much a technology program as it is a step-by-step program that gets you to define an offer your target audience wants. You need to do this before anything else so you aren't wasting time on something that will not sell. The program delivers a completed membership website and online course / coaching program so you have a platform for selling and delivering your course or program.

It's a six week marketing and here's what it gets you:

  • We show you and coach you on the market research. This is so important.  We tap into your potential buyers and we have them tell us what they want and how much they will pay.
  • We get you to tell the program.  There's nothing like having someone pull out their wallet and pay you to confirm, "Yes, I have something people want."
  • We build you a working physical membership site for making your program available for sale.

Visit to get the details.  You can also click here to schedule time with me to get any of your questions answered.  We'll make sure this is the right match for you and your business.