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You’re Such a Tease

Not long ago I did a consultation with a writer named Sue.

Sue runs a weekly webinar about "3 blogging myths" where she sells her high end "how to blog" course. During our discussion she asked what she should say in her emails to get more people on the webinar.

My reply:

"Use the 'blind tease.'"

The blind tease is a copywriting technique where you drop tantalizing hints to the reader without giving away the secret.

When you do the blind tease right, your readers get so curious they can't resist the chance to find out more.

Old school copywriters like the late Gary Halbert are masters of this technique.

Halbert once wrote a teaser in a promotion for Entrepreneur Magazine that went:

"FAKE COCAINE: a legal substitute that fools almost everyone!"

And a year later they were still getting replies.

In Sue's case, she has a great story about a blogger who is getting more than 1 million page views a month but making just $750.

So I said:

Fantastic. Now write an email about that blogger, and how she's struggling financially because she bought into a huge myth about blogging. This myth is one that many bloggers fall prey to. And when you finally break free from this lie, you can turn $750 a month into a full-time income. And... You'll tell them all about it on your webinar this Saturday.

See how intriguing this approach can be?

Dang, even I want to know, but I forgot to ask Sue what the 3 myths are.

Might have to jump on that webinar myself...

About Josh Earl:

Josh Earl helps entrepreneurs to create a steady stream of sales and income using fun-to-write, educational email courses. To see how to generate this kind of stable, reliable income in your business, enroll in his free 10-day class today.